Quality of ECO documentation

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Published on February 27, 2020

For anyone involved in the ECO scheme, Anesco has outlined below the minimum standard requirement for completing ECO documentation.

  1. All pages of any documentation must be present.
  2. Documentation must be completed fully.
  3. All documentation must be readable, including where photographic evidence of documents (i.e. benefit letters) are taken.
  4. Where conclusions or comments are required on documentation these must be detailed and not one-word answers.
  5. Evidence should be provided as .pdf files where possible. Where customer documents are provided, such as benefit letters, personal information not relevant to ECO should be redacted.
  6. Signatures and dates must only be used where they are embedded/consistent in the documentation. Signatures must not be copied and pasted
  7. All documentation must be completed, signed and dated by the appropriate individual, i.e., operative, landlord, customer/householder.
  8. There should be no amendments to signatures or dates.
  9. Evidence should be provided as stand-alone files and not embedded within other documents/files.
  10. Don’t hide any mistakes; any errors in documentation should be scored through with a single line and the correction written alongside, signed (by the original signatory) and dated. Correction fluid should not be used.
  11. All forms must be clear and comprehensible and therefore where possible abbreviations should be kept to a minimum and no ‘text message’ language should be used.
  12. All forms may be branded provided the agreed template wording stays the same as the forms published on the Ofgem website.
  13. If you wish to make any changes or additions to any of the forms you must get prior agreement from the energy company/ funding supplier.
  14. Information provided in documentation should be consistent between documents, i.e. measure or product information should not change.
  15. Compliance with the GDPR Principals is essential, including Article 5 ensuring data is accurate, processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner.

Ofgem has recently sent the below communication regarding the completion of the BACL:

“Please note that the boiler assessment checklist must be completed by the operative who assessed the boiler and must not be signed on behalf of this person by anyone else. When filling in the BACL assessment details must not be copied from other BACLs, ie photocopying or copying and pasting may not be used to complete any part of the form.”


(Released 27th February)


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