Powering a sustainable future

Anesco is committed to sustainability. As such, we recognise the impact we have on our people, the local communities in which we operate and the world around us.

Here are just some of the ways we are powering towards a sustainable future.

As one of the largest Energy Company Obligation (ECO) teams in Great Britain, we are committed to raising people out of fuel poverty by improving the energy efficiency of some of the country’s most vulnerable households, and in turn reducing carbon emissions.

Within Anesco, the ECO team operates from one of two buildings located at The Green, Easter Park, on the outskirts of Reading in Berkshire, although we have a regional presence across Great Britain.

Both buildings have been designed with enviable environmental credentials. Low carbon ground source heat pumps keep the buildings warm and we have installed solar panels across the roof space, whilst the procedures for the handling and recycling of all waste is closely monitored.

Anesco ECO is a member of The Energy Efficiency Association, a UK-based trade association created to assist with communication and collaboration within the field of energy efficiency.

We are also a long-standing member of the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body (Green Deal ORB), which manages the authorisation scheme for companies participating in the Green Deal scheme, with responsibility for functions that include how the scheme is administered.

Anesco remains committed to supporting the local communities in which we operate, for example by using locally based teams and suppliers to help stimulate employment and the local economy.

When it comes to our large-scale solar developments, we are proud to be best in class in terms of biodiversity, creating environments where habitats can flourish, maximising the positive impact they have for local wildlife and species that are most under threat.

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