ECO4 Loft pre condition for band D properties

Written by Adam Maya

Published on March 24, 2023


Minimum insulation pre-conditions

5.57. Under ECO4, all heating measures are subject to certain insulation pre-conditions. The pre-conditions are as follows:

Precondition 1:

All Band D homes receiving any heating measure other than FTCH or a DHC must first have at least one insulation measure installed as part of the same ECO4 project before the heating measure is completed. The eligible insulation measures are: roof insulation (flat roof, pitched roof, room-in-roof), wall insulation (cavity wall, solid wall), party wall insulation and floor insulation (solid and underfloor). Park homes must receive floor, wall and ceiling insulation.

Please note that Loft Insulation (LI) is not an eligible insulation measure to meet Precondition 1 for SAP Band D properties.

The full guidance can be found within the delivery guidance version 1.1. page 106 onwards. To view this please click here.

If you would like to more information, please contact your BDM.

This ECO4 loft pre condition for band D properties update was originally published on 24th March 2023