Trustmark notification

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Published on January 27, 2020

Awareness of the TrustMark notification is important to anyone installing under ECO3.  With the introduction of TrustMark on 1st January 2020 Anesco has been informed by our utility partners of the following requirements:

  • All measures other than DHS and Demonstration Actions installed from January 1st 2020 require the TrustMark Lodgement Certificate to be uploaded at point of submission to all utility partners.
  • This can be either a copy of the certificate or a screen shot taken from the TrustMark Portal, referencing the Certificate of Lodgement ID.

TrustMark Notification: The lodgement evidence must include the below:
•    Certificate ID
•    Property Address
•    Measure installed, listing the URN

TrustMark Notification: The following reference must be listed on the submission notification when measures are sent to Anesco:
•    TrustMark Business Registration/Licence Number
•    TrustMark Unique Reference Number for the job
•    TrustMark Lodgement Certificate ID

It is important that this requirement is included in all submissions submitted to Anesco for all measures.

(Released 27th January 2020)


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