ECO4 Signatures on amended evidence documents

Written by Adam Maya

Published on February 7, 2023

Ofgem has provided clear guidelines for the completion of the document templates, which include how signatures are captured.

Please make sure you have reviewed and understood these requirements found in section 8 (Monitoring, audit and fraud prevention) of the Delivery guidance.

I would like to draw particularly attention to the below areas:

Photo requirements

“All photos used to support the eligibility or compliance of a measure must be time, date and geo-stamped. Photos used as evidence should retain accurate information and not have their details tampered with.”

Signature requirements

Please note that copied and pasted signature are never acceptable.

“Signatures and dates must only be used where they are embedded and consistent in the documentation. Wet signatures must be applied with a pen and electronic signatures preferably with a stylus, although use of a finger is also acceptable. Signatures must not be copy and pasted. Where signatures are copied and pasted, for example to streamline administrative processes, the document will not be accepted. Any copying and pasting will result in the rejection of a measure.”

Photocopying requirements

“Every form should be completed manually to ensure that the information provided is accurate to the property and relevant measure. We would like to draw particular attention to completion of the Pre-installation Heating Checklist – photocopying or copying and pasting from other Pre-installation Heating Checklist should not be used to complete any part of this form.”

Amended Evidence Documents

Ofgem have further clarified paragraph 8.27 of their Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) Guidance: Delivery V1 with reference to correcting mistakes and who should sign the correction.

8.27 Mistakes should not be hidden. Any errors in documentation should be scored through with a single line and the correction written alongside, signed (by the original signatory) and dated. Correction fluid should not be used. Where we find evidence that documentation has been changed at any later point after the signature, this will result in the rejection of the measure. Where evidence needs to be amended, for example where work on a measure had not been finished, the installer needs to ensure all paperwork is resigned and the date re-notified, which may result in a late penalty.

Ofgem Response:

“If Section A is signed by one person and section B by another, but if the mistake is in section A, that mistake is crossed through and the person who signs for that information signs and dates the form again. If there is no mistakes in Section B, whoever signs section B doesn’t need to sign again.”

The Retrofit Co-ordinator should notify any changes to the customer.

No document can be amended without either the original assessor, operative or retrofit coordinator’s approval and sign off and that documents must not be changed by administrators.

If you do require further clarification on this matter please do not hesitate to contact Sam Conway or your business development manager.

This ECO4 Signatures on amended evidence documents update was originally published on 7th February 2023