Important Update: Document requirements change

Written by Adam Maya

Published on March 23, 2023

We have recently updated our document requirements, a copy of which can be found in your dropbox folder.

The below documents have been removed from our requirement list:

•    Boiler Replacement Quote (BREQ)
•    Boiler Plus – Boiler Datasheet (BPBD)
•    Screenshot of new boiler Gas Safe register entry (GASS)
•    Occupier Contribution Declaration (Heating) (OCDF)
•    PAS2030 Certification (PASC)
•    Proof of Tariff (POET)

The below documents will only be required for Social housing or D rated private properties:

•    Asbestos Risk Assessment (ASBR)
•    Tenancy Agreement (TENS)
•    Risk Assessment (RISK)
•    Condition report (CONR)
•    Occupancy report (OCPR)
•    Trust Mark lodgement certificate (TMRK)

The Ofgem document templates are available here and documents guidelines within the Ofgem Delivery Guidance on page 189 in version 1.1

As a reminder any personal information within documents such as benefit letters, bank statements etc, that are not relevant to ECO should be redacted. For example, Ofgem does not need to see the cost of the premises, the amount of mortgage outstanding, bank details or anything else that does not affect the eligibility of the premises requirement.

Information within benefit letters that might need to be redacted are listed below:

•    The amount the customer receives from their benefit. You only need to show that they receive that benefit.
•    For HTHG routes which are not means tested (eg Income Support or State Pension Credit), you do not need to show the customer’s income or savings.
•    National Insurance numbers should not be visible. These are often shown on the front page and should not be used as a unique identifier.

Full guidance on redacting information can be found on page 210 of the delivery guidance version 1.1.

If you would like to more information, please contact your BDM.

This Document requirements change update was originally published on 17th March 2023