Pre Approval Levelling System

Written by Julietta Manzaroli

Published on December 20, 2022

Following our communication on 26th September, please note that we have updated our pre approval levelling system to include Pre Photographic Evidence (PICS), as outlined below.

As a reminder, to submit a project for pre-approval you will need to send the relevant documents and an email to [email protected]

The email content should include the tenure, measures to be installed and the level of pre-approval required:

Level 1 – Pre-Assessment Check Only

–          Pre EPR (EPRs can be a draft version)
–          Pre XML
–          Pre Site Notes
–          Floorplan
–           PICS (Pre photographic evidence)

To inform level 1 is the minimum level, any post evidence not present will result in minimum requirements not being confirmed.

Level 2 – Pre & Post Assessment Check

–          Pre EPR  (EPRs can be a draft version)
–          Pre XML
–          Pre Site Notes
–          Floorplan
–          Post EPR
–          Post XML
–          Post Site Notes
–          PICS (Pre photographic evidence)

Level 3 check are for measures or properties that require additional utility pre-approval such as:

–          Park Homes
–          BFR
–          In-fill projects
–          Extraction
–          D-rated Properties

For a level 3 approval you will need to email over the details of the project and the EPR to the pre-approval team who will then respond with the evidence requirements and options available to continue.

This pre approval levelling system update was originally published on 21st November 2022