Wall insulation requirements

Written by Julietta Manzaroli

Published on December 20, 2022

We would like to make you aware that when installing less than 100% POMI/POPT there are a few wall insulation requirements, this must be reflected on the post EPR, XML and Site Notes as this can affect the SAP points and banding.

RdSAP manuals state an ‘alternative wall’ should be used to record an area of a property which cannot be accounted for as an extension, but which is thermally different due to a differing construction type or insulation.

Disregard an alternative wall when less than 10% of total exposed wall area of the building part (including windows and doors) unless documentary or visual evidence exists of different retrofitted insulation either of the alternative wall or of the remaining wall in the building part. This does not apply to a sheltered wall; treat a sheltered wall as an “alternative wall” and always include it, even when its area is less than 10% of total exposed wall area.

When entering alternative wall area into software exclude the area of any windows and doors contained in the alternative wall.

Usually, less than 10% of the wall area can be disregarded, however as you are installing retrofit you will have documentary and visual evidence, and therefore the alternative wall must be recorded.

Please contact your BDM for further information on wall insulation requirements.

This wall insulation requirements update was originally published on 10th November 2022