ECO4 Evidencing Gas Connections

Written by Adam Maya

Published on June 1, 2023

For projects installed within on-gas properties under ECO4 the gas connection must be evidenced. There are two evidence requirements set out in Table 15 of the Ofgem delivery guidance.

Extract from the Ofgem’s Delivery Guidance V1.1:

Please click here to view Ofgem’s delivery guidance

1 – Connected on the start day of the ECO4 Project

Table 15 includes 6 acceptable forms of evidence for this requirement, in most cases this will be covered by the pre-install RdSAP Assessment.

2 – Connected on 31/03/2022

Gas connection evidence to be provided under the document code GCGP.


This ECO4 Evidencing Gas Connections update was originally published on 25th May 2023