ECO4 The use of EPC’s & EPR’s

Written by Adam Maya

Published on June 1, 2023

Ofgem provided the following advice regarding conditions where a lodged EPC should be used and a caveat if further measures are lodged with TrustMark

“Where a project contains only a district heating connection (DHC) measure (except for shared ground loop ground source heat pump installations) or a DHC measure and Data light measures, it falls outside of the remit of TrustMark for installation and consumer protection, and therefore must have a full SAP and an EPC pre- and post- project.

As soon as a project has any further measures that fall under the remit of TrustMark, the project must be lodged with TrustMark, and therefore a full SAP assessment and EPC is not permitted. Instead, a pre project RdSAP assessment must be completed for these projects, with an accompanying post project RdSAP assessment submitted to claim a full score where the minimum requirement is also met in the retrofit.”

To confirm EPC’s must not be used for pre and/or post RdSAP assessments for projects that are lodged within the TrustMark Data Warehouse. For clarity only Energy Performance Reports (EPR’s) will be accepted as the RdSAP assessment.

An EPC is defined as an RdSAP assessment lodged within:

TrustMark’s document ‘RdSAP Data Production for Retrofit Projects V1.0 – 25/07/2022’ lays out the pre and post assessment process for RdSAP data collection. This can be viewed here

It also states that the output is to be an EPR and that EPC data must not be shared on with TrustMark, extract below.

The following document codes should be used for the RdSAP assessment evidence:


This ECO4 The use of EPC’s & EPR’s update was originally published on 1st June 2023