TrustMark ECO4 Evidence Lodgement

Written by Adam Maya

Published on July 11, 2023

Core Logic have now issued further information on TrustMark lodgements, and the integration between the Energy Companies systems and TrustMark’s database.

A full guide provided by Core Logic is available on dropbox.

The following table details all TrustMark data that is required to notify a Measure to an Energy Company and how each of these can be evidenced.

Data TrustMark Evidence Type
Retrofit Assessment TMLN Screenshot
TrustMark Project Reference File
Completed Trustmark Project Lodgement Certificate ID File
Retrofit Coordinator TMLN File
PAS Retrofit Assessment SAP Rating Screenshot
Post Installation SAP Rating Screenshot
Total Floor Area Screenshot
TrustMark Business Licence Number File
TrustMark Installer File
TrustMark Lodgement Certificate ID File
TrustMark Unique Measure Reference Number File
Building Fabric Repair Cost Screenshot
Town File
Property Type Screenshot
Tenure Screenshot
Status File
On Gas Property Screenshot
Projecy Type File
Innovation Measure Number Screenshot
Date of Completed Installation (Handover) File
Measure Name File
Postcode File

Please make sure that all data items are evidenced either via a screenshot or lodgement file within the submission paperwork.

The below evidence from the TrustMark Lodgement is required:

· LCTM: TrustMark Project Completion Certificate

· TMRK: TrustMark Data Warehouse Screenshot

· TMRK: TrustMark Lodgement Certificate

Please see below some information on handling the Installer Project Reference and TrustMark Project Reference fields on Funder Hub.

The field Installer Project Reference (IPR) must contain a reference number created by yourselves that is unique to the project. We would recommend adding some alphabet characters, and not to use punctuation or spaces. This reference must be different to the TrustMark Project Reference.

The new field TrustMark Project Reference must contain the TrustMark Project Reference found as part of the lodgement. If this needs to change due to a re-lodgement then the Installer Project Reference must not be updated to match the new TrustMark lodgement.


This TrustMark ECO4 Evidence Lodgement update was originally published on 7th July 2023